Link Building – Does Your Website Need It?

Link building is a well-used phrase with regards to online marketing and SEO. In short, it describes the process of increasing the number of inbound links coming into a website. But what is the purpose of it all? How does this help?


Most are aware that inbound links are incorporated into most search engine algorithms. Better ranks equal to more traffic. A lot depends on the sector and how competitive it is. For example, if you are offering a service that is unique with few searches, you will probably find you rank without doing any proactive link building. However, if you are in a competitive niche it is unlikely you will have a chance of gaining organic search traffic without building a decent link profile.


Results can be slow to reveal themselves. Link building can be slow to show results – It’s not an overnight solution to go up the ranks, but more about long term gains.


Choosing the Asset {aka the hook}


The asset is what you want to link to on your website. It could be a ‘freebie’, content, product, people, video or services, etc. The asset should have some overarching purpose in order to make the most of the links, so this has to be chosen with care.


Know your Goal


A link building campaign involves a variety of workings: Some essential and some simply helpful additions. A successful campaign is all about how everything is combined. For example, setting your goal at simply ‘creating 30 links’ is only useful if that goal is actually going to have some kind of positive impact on your business success overall.

This is why it is very important to set ‘intelligent’ and realistic goals.


Why Are Links Important?


Back ‘in the day’ when other engines like Yahoo and Alta Vista did not stand in the shadow of the Google giant, results was based on content alone. Two decades on and Google dominates, along with its famous ‘Page Rank’ algorithm which analyses and rates the content as well as calculating how many people find that content interesting enough to link to. The logic being, the more links that content has the better and more useful it is – Hence, yes, link building is still important all these years on…


Quality Counts


There has been a BIG change in the bottom line. Google now takes into account the quality and relevance of the links, not just how many inbound links the content has. Indeed, according to some Google engineers’ relevance is now the most important factor: “getting a link from a high Page Rank page used to always be helpful, today it’s more the relevance of the site’s theme in regards to yours, relevance is the new Page Rank.”


Link building is undoubtedly important in SEO and it demands a lot of skills to build quality links. Carried out correctly, yes, your website will definitely benefit from gaining quality, relevant links to the right assets.